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Baker’s Crust Artisan Kitchen is searching for experienced, smiling team members who will fit into our culture and help us uphold our mission and guiding principles. 

Our Mission and Guiding Principles are the components that make up the foundation of our culture at Baker's Crust Artisan Kitchen. Our guiding principles are the values that support our mission: Eat Well. Be Happy. Our values represent our philosophy of how we treat each other and how we conduct business. Our attitudes and behaviors define our culture. All of these combined are based on our passion and true concern for our guests.

 Our Mission

Eat Well. Be Happy. 

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Great Impressions

This is best exemplified by the pride we take in our service to our guests and our workplace. We take pride in our personal appearance and demeanor. Our restaurant is neat and clean. Our meals use the freshest ingredients we can find and buy, and we prepare them with love. Our guests say that Baker’s Crust is their favorite place to eat.

Generous Service

We strive to treat our guests in a way that will want them to come back again and again. We anticipate their needs, we make their day, and we make sure they have a fun, enjoyable visit. We are sincere and genuine and treat our guests and each other with respect.


To our team, this means having the courage to know and do the right thing. We are true to ourselves, and we strive to learn as much as we can about our work so we can be at our best. We have great attitudes and we are honest. We strive to make Baker’s Crust a better place in which to work and serve our guests.

Good Times

This means living life to its fullest and enjoying ourselves and the people around us. It means choosing to have a positive attitude, enjoying work, and having fun. It means making sure that everyone who works and eats at Baker’s Crust is having a good time.