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Welcome to Baker’s Crust - Eat Well. Be happy.

At Baker's Crust, we have been lovingly and carefully preparing food for our Hampton Roads friends and neighbors for over 20 years. We believe that to truly eat well and be happy, you need to start with quality ingredients. That's why our chefs start every day baking 19 varieties of delicious bread using a thirty year old natural starter and zero preservatives. We also make our own mozzarella cheese, roast our own tomatoes, grow our own basil on a hydroponic farm and toss our classic salads with dressings made using our own recipes. When you order one of our classic wood-fired specialties, you'll experience a richness and depth to your food that can only be brought forward by a 900 degree oven and an ancient cooking technique.

Our head chef is constantly experimenting with fresh foods and flavors and seeking ways to meet the needs of our community. We recently added new menu items, added more vegetarian and vegan choices and unveiled a new gluten-free menu.

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Come Taste Our Gluten Free Menu

One of the most stressful parts about dining …

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